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I grew up in western Massachusetts back in the 1980’s and there was only one type of martial arts school that was offered: Tae Kwon Do, and no others.  Even still today, martial arts is still not as popular as it should be in our area.  With the public’s increasing interest in combat sports, I, Vakny Chonmany feel it is important to have a school that would offer training in many different fighting styles, as well as grow and produce chinese medicine (a very important, and often overlooked aspect of martial arts.)


I started the nonprofit Kick Start in Martial as a way to encourage people from all walks of life to learn more about eastern philosophy.  Our goal is to introduce students to the study of Martial Arts, from fighting styles to healing modalities, and farming too.


Especially with all the media attention that many fighters now get, the public is starting to know a little about some of styles like Muay Thai, Kung Fu and Boxing etc, but here in Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut we do not have access to a wide variety of schools. Our goal is to build a training center and attract the best teachers from all over the world. Kick Start in Martial Training Center will be the epicenter of the martial arts culture in New England. Our facility will save students time and money by training in any of the many styles that we will offer, all in one place.

Goals for training center

  1. Prepare and promote students to be confident and disciplined.

  2. Teach non-violent conflict resolution.

  3. Ensure that students are ready, mentally and physically, to train.

  4. Teach students Eastern, and Western, philosophy along with the arts like calligraphy and watercolor.

  5. Provide a space for students to share in each other's culture, in food, clothing, and custom. I.e. cooking for one another.

  6. Educate students in how to grow and store food and medicines.

  7. Host seminars for any organization that participate with us.

Styles we hope to offer students

1. Muay Thai Kickboxing

2. Qigong

3. Boxing

4. T'ai Chi Ch'uan

5. Hung Gar

6. Aikido

7. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

8. Krav Maga

9. Tae Kwon Do

10. Karate

11. Capoeira

12. Kung-Fu

13. Mixed Martial Arts

14. Western Free Style Wrestling

15. Jeet Kune Do

16. Modern Army Combatives

17. Marine Corps Martial Arts Program

18. Wing chun

19. Jujutsu

20. Wing Chun

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